Video: How entrepreneurs can avoid getting stuck in a rut

What should an entrepreneur do when a base market shrinks or the labor pool dries up?

In this episode of The Dirt, host Bryan Furnace discusses changing or dying. A part-time contractor and equipment operator, Furnace has seen the homebuilding market, a critical part of his and his partner’s business, shrink. Jobs aren’t as available as they used to be.

He also witnessed the slow adaptation of the construction industry to the changing working environment. It used to be that job seekers turned to contractors for work, now they are rare. And those who come here often don’t have the desired work ethic. They are also ready to walk if treated badly and yelled at.

Many other employers are waiting to give them a job.

Rather than continuing business as usual, staying in a rut, Furnace and his business partner shift gears in an attempt to win new business. This includes rethinking the use of Facebook for marketing and other steps.

Entrepreneurs facing labor shortages must also find new ways to attract workers, especially as the competition for employees continues to mount.

If your business is in a rut or wants to avoid one, check out this week’s episode of The Dirt. He offers a few suggestions that could be the difference between growing your business or remaining complacent and becoming stale.

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