It’s been a long journey for the Todds to get to where they are as co-owners of a CBD store.

Todd served as a medic for a long time during Operation Desert Shield and then Desert Storm. In addition to his medical training, he also learned how his veteran friends treated their PTSD and other disabilities with medical cannabis.

Meanwhile, his wife said she was initially against medical marijuana. She explained that it was only through education that she was able to break down the stigma she associated with it.

“There’s a misconception that it’s a gateway drug that kills children – but it’s opioids,” Jacy Todd said. “With this herb, you can’t overdose on it.” They point to the CDC factoid that there have been 0 known reported deaths from marijuana.

The couple said they were delighted with the petition.

“It’s amazing how many people over the last four or five days have come to sign it,” Pam Todd said. In fact, during their interview with NCN, another person came to sign. “We’ve seen families across the state fighting for their lives,” she said.

You can speak to them at 2418 N Webb Rd Suite P, Grand Island, NE 68803.