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HOWLAND – The Trumbull County Council of Governments is looking at ways communities can save money by sharing the costs of using equipment and also legal advice from an attorney.

The COG is also preparing for its next demolition project later this summer with the removal of the Waddell Park swimming pool and pool house in Niles.

Vienna Administrator Phil Pegg said at Wednesday’s COG meeting that communities could share a boom mower used to trim trees and roadside brush. Howland Trustee Jim LaPolla said once everything is finalized each community will be notified when the mower is available.

“We are trying to start sharing equipment. This boom mower is the first attempt to share equipment between different communities. The tractor would be owned by the county engineering department, with each community wanting the ability to purchase its use at a set price. We’ll see how gear sharing works,” LaPolla said.

An agreement is being drawn up with the departmental engineer.

Weathersfield administrator Steve Gerberry, who also works for the county engineer’s office, said road paving and other work was underway at Waddell Park, the demolition of the swimming pool and pool house being scheduled for September. The pool building is asbestos free.

The COG had been involved in demolition projects in Braceville, Brookfield, Niles, Vienna and Farmington over the past few years.

Niles officials previously said that once the pool is removed, they plan to install a wading pool. Niles had previously had the Garfield School and the Niles Times buildings demolished.

Additionally, LaPolla said the COG retained the law firm Baker and Dublikar to be available for questions about U.S. stimulus funds and other funding issues. He said a deposit was sent to the law firm. So if a COG member has questions about ARP funds, the firm can be contacted by email.

He said the plans are to have communities with questions to email COG Finance Officer Barb Scott, who will put all the questions in one email so the same questions are not repeated. .

In other cases, the COG:

• Reported that Mauro Cantalamessa will be the County Commissioner’s representative on Council;

• Heard from LaPolla that COG itself cannot be a member of the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber, but each individual community can be a member of the chamber and also have health insurance coverage;

• Had previously heard John Hickey, director of the Trumbull County Emergency Management Agency, talk about grants available to communities for tornado sirens and MARC radios.

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