Trackunit Launches Product Development Portal

Telematics provider Trackunit has launched an open and scalable forum for customers, partners and the construction industry at large to collaborate on product updates and future deployments.

Product portal users can select from a drop-down tab that suits their needs and explore product sheets. Clicking on any card presents a description of the feature, the problem it will solve, the value it offers, and other details about usage and operation.

Portal users can highlight the importance of a feature to their needs and provide feedback on its relevance and the problem it solves. This wealth of information is compiled and analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques, allowing the Trackunit development team to combine this with feedback from other sources, including customer success teams and user workshops.

“Innovation in the construction industry must be guided by a clear understanding of both need and opportunity,” said David Swan, SVP of Products, in a prepared statement. “Over the past decade, Trackunit has consistently engaged with a range of stakeholders, from OEMs and equipment rental companies to contractors and end users to get first-hand feedback on the capability of our products. and solutions to work on the jobsite, in the boardroom and on the bottom line. The Trackunit Product Portal will help us add more granularity and data to our development operations, to deliver optimized and more efficient tools in all building contexts.

The product portal represents a first for the construction industry as a new entry point for structured collaboration at scale, according to the company. It provides direct access to the company’s innovation engine room with a transparent view of product roadmaps. It’s a demonstration of Trackunit’s confidence in the industry’s ability to collaborate, according to the company.

The Product Portal creates the ability to share real user experiences, feedback, and suggestions for planned, upcoming, and released products in a user-friendly and accessible user interface (UI).

“We believe the Trackunit product portal is a very innovative gateway to generating more collaboration with the marketplace,” Swan said. “We know that the larger the feedback pool, the more comprehensive our product portfolio can become. We believe this additional capacity will provide Trackunit with the scale needed to better align our product and our customer vision.

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