Tesla FSD Beta 10.13 Gets ‘Two Week’ Treatment, Musk Notes Backdoor Improvement

Tesla’s next version of the full self-driving beta will be released in “two weeks,” a time frame all too familiar to owners of the company’s all-electric vehicles. CEO Elon Musk said that FSD Beta version 10.13 will be released with notable roundabout maneuverability improvements.

Musk said on Twitter last night that the latest FSD Beta will be released in two weeks, but it remains to be seen if Tesla can stick to that schedule. While the automaker’s executives have said in the past that new FSD Beta software updates will be released consistently within that timeframe, Tesla is taking relatively no chances with its semi-autonomous suite. If the latest version is not ready for release to the 100,000+ beta members, it will not roll out.

Still, Musk thinks Tesla’s latest version will hit the beta fleet in two weeks.

It follows the delayed release of FSD Beta 10.12, which was released in mid-May 2022. The improvements were rolled out as Software Update 2022.12.3.10 and included several upgrades. Tesla said improved visibility, fewer instances of awkward cornering, smoother maneuvering in tight spaces, more safety when cornering with passing traffic, and other improvements.

Tesla FSD Beta V10.12 Employee Update: Updated Release Notes

With the v10.13 update, Musk said Tesla is focusing on improving roundabout maneuvers, which seemed to be a challenge with the FSD suite for several years. While recent Beta FSD builds have shown devious maneuvers being satisfied with increased confidence, it has stalled previous versions of the Full Self-Driving suite. However, improvements come with every mile driven thanks to the company’s neural network, which obtains information about road conditions and driver behaviors to become safer and more precise with its movements in the future.

Tesla has been implementing indirect improvements in the FSD suite for several years. In June 2020, the company increased support for roundabouts, which complemented the already improved performance of Tesla vehicles. Roundabouts are extremely difficult and are most commonly found in Europe and the east coast of the United States, according to the Department of Transportation.

Tesla has started adding drivers with a safety score of 93 and up to the FSD Beta program to increase the number of cars in the pool. This increases the data Tesla gets for its self-driving project, which Musk says will be completed by the end of the year.

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Tesla FSD Beta 10.13 Gets ‘Two Week’ Treatment, Musk Notes Backdoor Improvement

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