S’pore woman wants refund after S $ 2,000 matchmaking package failed to match her with a man at least 163cm tall and earning S $ 8,000 / month – Mothership.SG

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After spending over S $ 2,000 on a matchmaking agency in hopes of finding the man of her dreams, a 39-year-old woman in Singapore asks for a refund, claiming the agency’s services have failed. met his expectations.

The woman, who works as a bank manager, said Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) that she decided to “splurge” on the “matchmaking package” in July 2020, when she was looking to settle down before the age of 40.

The agency also applied a 50% discount at the time, on a package initially valued at S $ 4,000.

As part of the package, the agency promised to set up a total of five dates for her over a two-year period.

The matchmaker reportedly refused to issue a refund.

Expectations were not high

According to the woman, the matchmaking agency was “quite famous”, and the agency allegedly claimed they could find him a suitable date among their large pool of clients.

She said her expectations weren’t high. She wanted a Chinese partner with a bachelor’s degree who earns S $ 8,000 per month.

She also prefers her partner to be a Buddhist or a free thinker and said her partner should be at least 163cm tall – as tall as she is.

She shared that the last time she had a relationship was during her undergraduate studies, although it didn’t work because their personalities were incompatible.

Since then, she has been busy with her job and taking care of her parents, and decided to go with a dating agency because she thought it would be a more reliable way to find a partner than online dating.

However, the woman said her first date fell short of her expectations as her date’s income was lower than hers. She also said he only received annual pay increases of less than S $ 100.

After complaining about her first date at the agency, she was given a free date.

Unable to connect with the following dates

Subsequently, she met other dates that met her criteria, but claimed that she was unable to connect with them.

“One of them (his dates) was a little too old, and like another date, I found it weird to share an ice cream with him on the first date. We swapped our dates. coordinates, (but) did not stay touching, “she said SMDN.

The agency consultant had a nonchalant attitude

Recounting more details about her experience, the woman claimed that the attitude of the agency consultant was lax after signing the package.

She said she would have to chase the consultant to schedule him an appointment, and the interval between each of her appointments was two to six months.

The woman added that one of the consultants became unreachable for a few days after arranging a date for her.

According to her, she never heard from the consultant again after he claimed to be in an accident. She only found out that her consultant had quit after confronting the agency about it a month later.

As she was not satisfied with the agency’s services, she decided to request reimbursement for the two remaining matches of her package, but her request was refused by the agency.

She said the agency had offered to “upgrade” her package by adding two counseling sessions and assigning her a “dating coach,” but was adamant about getting a refund.

“Not in accordance” with the refund policy

Talk to SMDN, the matchmaker said the woman’s claim for reimbursement was “not in line with the company’s reimbursement policy,” which is why the agency offered to upgrade their plan free.

The agency added that it would only arrange dates after obtaining the consent of both parties, and if the client’s date did not meet their expectations, the agency would consider the date as complementary.

However, the manager said he was in contact with the woman after learning she no longer wanted their services, to see if they could fix the issue.

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