Parcel delivery? Trash valet? Tenants pay ‘absurd’ fees

PHOENIX – As rental prices in the Valley rise, there is growing confusion about what those increases are paying. So many resorts also require tenants to pay After Additional charges.

Simone lives in Avana at Pointe Apartments in Phoenix. As her rent goes up, it’s these extra charges that upset her as well.

“Why should I pay parcel service fees?” Simone asks.

She says it’s a mandatory $15 monthly fee paid to have her packages delivered to a service, which then delivers them to her.

Simone says it’s useless.

“I have all these other services that will be provided to me,” she says.

Jennifer has to pay $20 a month for her package delivery service at Sierra Canyon Apartments in Glendale.

She says Amazon will deliver to her for free and even take a picture of the packages.

“You don’t have to use it, just pay,” says Jennifer.

And she pays even more for another unwanted service.

“They decided we were going to do trash valet,” she says.

Instead of taking your rubbish to the bin, you put it in a box outside your door and the service takes it away.

It costs him $33 per month and is also mandatory.

“I can throw it myself,” she said.

Jennifer also pays a monthly installation fee of $5.50 and a pest control fee of $6.

She pays about $65 a month for extras she doesn’t want or thinks her rent should cover.

Shouldn’t pest control be part of the rent? What’s next, a monthly fee for using the fridge or maybe a fee for using the pool?

Instead of raising rents by paying more, some tenants see them paying less.

Like Simone’s $10 monthly parking fee – and it’s not for an assigned space.

“When you get an apartment, you’re supposed to have a place to park,” she says.

Simone pays a $7 trash fee, a $2 pest control fee, and a $10 fee for a fob needed to get her into the compound.

“What are they going to do, rent you an apartment but not let you walk through the door,” asks Simone.

And she pays an $8 service fee to prepare the bill showing all the charges.

Simone pays around $67+ in additional monthly fees.

Why? I asked the resorts which are both run by Greystar. Avana at the Pointe did not respond by our deadline.

In a statement, Sierra Canyon says, “Our rates and fees ensure we can provide an exceptional living experience and are comparable to similar apartment communities in the region. Some fees are pro-rated based on the size of the property. ‘unit and all are disclosed at the signing of the lease before a resident moves in and detailed for transparency.’

Some renters think they know the real reason for all the extra charges.

“Companies want to line their pockets with as much money as possible from us,” says Simone.

Many apartments now charge an additional fee.

If you are a tenant and are facing these charges, let me know: [email protected]


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