Opinion: Should San Diego just ditch kiddie pool repairs?

The children’s pool is no longer for children

Regarding “Early Estimate Suggests $2.3 Million in La Jolla Children’s Pool Seawall Repair” (July 31): The current seawall should be left in a state of arrested decay as it is not no longer a “kiddie pool”, as Ellen Browning Scripps envisioned it in 1931.

A technical study costing $11,258 found that this was just the tip of the iceberg as many more expensive repairs are required. If it is decided to proceed with the repairs, how about renaming the beach, since it is now out of the question for children to swim and use the beach? I might suggest “Seal Beach”, but since that name is currently used by a town to the north, another name comes to mind, “Stinky Beach”.

Lynn Rizer


The La Jolla seawall feasibility study to repair the kiddie pool wall has already cost us over $11,000 and the repair, not including the stairs and retaining wall, will cost over $2 million.

There is no children’s pool. When was the last time anyone saw children playing in the pool? The pool is now reserved for seals.

I think we can find a better use of our money elsewhere. The wall is not a priority and the seals, if the wall leaks, will find another coastal area to ruin like they did the pool. Remember that this wall was built for children.

Bob Kim


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