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When bids for work to complete the necessary repairs to the North Bend Municipal Pool exceeded the city’s planned funding, the city council promised to find additional funding to cover all necessary repairs.

Last week, the council did just that, transferring $500,000 of American Rescue Act plan funding from the community building to pool repairs to cover the full cost.

Chief Financial Officer Jessica Terra asked council to approve the change, saying the city would seek additional funds to make repairs to the community center.

“In December, the board passed a plan to spend ARPA money,” Terra said. “We have identified a number of changes. The first and most significant change is to reallocate the $500,000 earmarked for community center renovations and transfer it to the pool improvement fund. This would complete all three phases of the pool upgrade and address any other necessary upgrades that may arise.

Terra said the city would seek grants or other sources of revenue to complete the rehabilitation of the community building.

Thanks to the additional funding, all necessary repairs to the pool can be carried out, with the aim of guaranteeing the safety and operation of the pool for the next 30 years.

Work at the North Bend pool has already begun after council approved Phases 1 and 2 and the renovation. Since these bids were higher than expected, there was no funding left for Phase 3.

“I think it’s money well spent,” Councilman Bill Richardson said.

The council also agreed to use the ARP funds to buy a new police vehicle for the captain and to fund a community services officer.

City administrator David Milliron explained that the captain is currently using a borrowed vehicle which will need to be returned.

He said the city is still looking for grants to help pay for some aspects of the police department.

“We’re trying to help bring in money to help pay for these officers,” Milliron said. “At this point, taxpayers are paying the full amount. Only about 60% of our police money is paid for by public safety fees. We are getting things done, but at this stage it does not impact the budget and we are using as many external resources as possible to stretch the budget.

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