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Notes from the April 4 Cache Creek council meeting.

basketball delegation

Max Beckett, head coach of the club’s new Cache Creek Cats basketball team, appeared in delegation to talk about the team and ask the board to use the community hall twice a week for practices at reduced fees (or free). He also requested the use of the hall on May 1 for a dinner/dance/auction for the team. The event would feature a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for area adults and youth. A final request concerned the addition of a three-point line on the floor of the community hall.

The decision on the requests was deferred to a future meeting, and Mayor Santo Talarico suggested that in the future, decisions on requests from delegations at one meeting be deferred to the next, so that the council and staff have time to fully consider any request, especially when it comes to financial “requests”.

Internet and Technology Security Policy

Com. Wendy Coomber expressed some reservations about the policy, stating that some elements would be more appropriate in a communications policy, which is under development. There were long discussions about security and access to records, and Couture noted that everything in the policy was recommended by village lawyers. He said that while the policy may go “beyond that,” it covers an issue (cybersecurity) that is becoming increasingly important, and the village needs to get ahead.

The Board decided to send the policy back to the BC Municipal Insurance Authority for review and then bring it back to a future meeting for reconsideration. Couture added that the hope was to have new security policies and procedures in place for the next council after the municipal elections in October.

Adopt a planter

Couture said that as of April 4, all but one of 30 downtown public planters had been adopted. The new plan will see each planter filled and maintained by a different Cache Creek resident, family, business or organization throughout the summer. Anyone who has missed a planter can have their name added to a waiting list maintained at the village office.

Modernization of the treatment plant

Couture said significant issues with old electrical systems and building construction during planned upgrades to the water treatment plant resulted in an extended Phase 4 water advisory. The system is working again, but not 100% operational; Couture said if water usage were to increase, residents would see another water restriction put in place. The issues have resulted in a two-week delay in completing the upgrades, but the electrical work is expected to be completed by the end of April.

Information requests

Couture said staff at the village office have noticed a marked increase in inquiries about available properties in the area and construction. The office also handled an increasing number of requests for building information and building approvals.

Public questions

A resident asked about construction activities behind the Cache Creek Recreation Park. Couture explained that in previous years, floodwaters overran the path leading to the sewage treatment plant, preventing access to it. The road is now raised so that access can be maintained even in the event of flooding.

Another resident asked if the village would need lifeguards this year, noting that students have to earn money for college in September and are turning down other jobs until they see the condition of the pool. Talarico said that although the 2022 budget has not yet been voted on, there is currently no money to open the pool.

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