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If repairs to two of Lodi’s favorite pools aren’t completed soon, residents will have few options for swimming this summer.

Blakely Park’s southernmost shallow pool on Stockton Street has leaked and about 8,000 gallons of water are rushing into the surrounding dirt daily. On Wednesday evening, Lodi city council members approved qualifying the situation as an emergency and spending up to $ 20,000 on repairs.

Inspection and repair plans could begin today, said Jeff Hood, director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Services.

The item was added to the agenda at the last minute as a Public Works emergency.

“We don’t really know what’s going on,” Hood said. “We can’t see it, we just see the result.”

City staff found water seeping through the concrete pool deck and causing a large puddle near the playground on Tuesday.

The 70-by-30-foot pool only leaks while the circulation system is pumping water. It needs to work every now and then to keep the water from stagnating, allowing mosquitoes and other insects to breed.

An option other than repair is to empty the pool. But without water, the weight of the earth will push inward and cause the pool walls to collapse. If the repairs take too long, the damage to the pool would add to the already high price.

The city has a contract with Paragon Pools, a swimming pool cleaning and repair company in Lodi, to maintain the pools at Blakely Park, Lodi Lake Park and Hutchins Street Square. The leak was not spotted earlier because it took some time for water to seep to the surface.

“We would like to get it up and running as soon as possible to get to the leak and see what we need to do,” Hood said.

No council member objected to declaring the need for emergency repairs, but they did not want Public Works to fall behind on current projects.

“Can we also treat the Hutchins Street Square swimming pool as an emergency?” Asked City Councilor JoAnne Mounce. “I know some of the seniors who use this pool think so.”

But what if the problem is worse than expected? If repairmen open up the system and find a completely burnt out plumbing system, Mounce wants to know the details of Plan B.

Hood said Paragon Pools was familiar with the pool’s filtration system and gave a rough estimate.

The project would revert to council and go through the normal tendering process if the leaky pool escalates into a burst dam scenario. If the repair costs exceed $ 20,000, the money will come from the City’s general fund to pay the difference.

“The tendering process could take four months. The summer swimming season arrives in a month and a half. You may have to decide whether (the problem is) terminal or not,” said Councilor Bob. Johnson. , who said he would be prepared to declare an emergency repair to an even larger pool to speed up the process.

Blakely Park’s swimming pools are open to the public on weekends from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. during the summer. During the week swimming leagues and instructors rent the pool for lessons. Thanks to corporate donations, there is enough money to pay lifeguards for 10 weekends, allowing the public to bathe for free this year.

The heated indoor pool at Hutchins Street Square is still out of service.

The call for tenders for the replacement of the deteriorated coating of the Hutchins swimming pool will open at the end of April and work will begin shortly after. The cost of replacing the liner is at least $ 50,000.

“It takes time, but we are making progress,” Hood said. There has been talk of a transition to a saltwater pool instead of chlorine at Hutchins, but that won’t be possible. The gutter that runs along the edge of the pool is metal and a salt system would cause it to rust in a few years.

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