How to Earn Cosmetics and Gear in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports is finally available on Switch. The newest entry in the Sports series brings the charm of Wii Sports games to a modern audience. It features some of the biggest improvements in the series.

The arenas are bigger, the characters are more detailed and so are the environments. Player customization allows players to shape their characters however they want, with things like hairstyles, skin tones, and more.

Additionally, the game provides the opportunity to earn in-game rewards while playing. These are cosmetics for player outfits and accessories and equipment.

Nintendo Switch Sports rewards gamers for online play

Cheer!  (Picture via Nintendo)
Cheer! (Picture via Nintendo)

For starters, players will earn points after each online match. Note that players will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership for this to work. This is because points are not awarded in offline mode against bots.

Playing a match awards a set number of points, with additional bonus points awarded via a multiplier. This multiplier is determined by achieving certain milestones during a match, such as knocking down x number of pins.

The final point is awarded after taking into account all multiplier additions. A score of at least 100 will fill the gift gauge and grant the player a +1 on the gift icon.

This opens a screen where players can choose one of many items as a reward. Note that remaining points are kept, so players don’t have to worry about wasting their hard-earned points.

Can you select the specific items you want?

Take your pick from these varied rewards (Image via Nintendo)
Take your pick from these varied rewards (Image via Nintendo)

Players can choose items from the item catalog presented to them, but that’s it. The array of items uses a rotation formula. This means that the reward item pool changes periodically. New items arrive every week.

The objects in each pool are different for each person, so it’s a great little raffle. It also shows the number of days left to unlock pool items, so be sure to unlock your favorites before they disappear.

These items also cause upheaval, so collecting all of the items in a set will earn the player a completion bonus. Note that all unlocked options remain available for offline play as well.

What is Nintendo Switch Sports about?

Let the games begin. #NintendoSwitchSports is available now! Enjoy six sports with family and friends locally and online with intuitive motion controls, or compete against sports rivals to earn in-game rewards and advance to the Pro League!

It is the latest iteration of Wii Sports. Choose one of 5 exciting sports and compete against friends and family, online or offline. These include tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, chambara and bowling. Take your character online and compete in matches to eventually unlock the professional leagues.

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