General obligation to pay for equipment and start new projects

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The city plans to build a new community swimming pool. Photo file

Oxford’s aldermen council recently passed a resolution declaring the city’s intention to borrow nearly $ 3 million to help cover the cost of new equipment and start a few projects.

Last week, the board passed a resolution declaring the need for the sale and issue of a five-year general bond not to exceed $ 2.9 million.

Most of the funds, around $ 2,150,000, will be used to purchase new equipment and machinery for Oxford’s environmental services department.

Approximately $ 750,000 will be used for the architectural, engineering and design costs of several projects which include:

  • Renovations to the old Oxford Park Commission building near the water tower. Developmental Services will use the building for its offices.
  • Renovations to the Oxford Enterprise Building, which will be converted into a new police department. The Parks Commission will relocate its offices to the current OPD building, which will create a larger Parks Commission campus with offices to oversee all OPC facilities.
  • A new municipal swimming pool. The current municipal swimming pool has shown its age, requiring fixes and fixes in recent years. Although it has not yet been finalized, the first shots show the new swimming pool located in Stone Park. The OPC will be holding community meetings to get feedback on the pool, as well as to work with the Oxford School District which uses the city pool for its swim team.
  • The expansion of Pegues Road to Ed Perry Boulevard.

“We have so many exciting plans and we have already started putting these plans in place and we won’t let COVID or anything else slow us down,” Mayor Robyn Tannehill said last week at the meeting of the council of aldermen. “Know that the employees of your city, the mayor and the council of aldermen are giving all we have and we are striving to do a lot in the next 12 months. “

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