Bitdeer offers IPFS mining with new Filecoin package

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Singapore, Singapore – (Newsfile Corp. – October 26, 2021) – The Bitdeer Charter allows anyone, experienced or new to mining, with the click of a button. As part of this mission, providing access to a diverse set of mining products is essential. With that in mind, Bitdeer now allows clients to participate in IPFS mining with its Filecoin Full Effective plan.

Bitdeer Offers IPFS Mining With New Filecoin Package

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A reliable way for storage

Filecoin (, FIL) is both a cryptocurrency and a decentralized file storage system built on Protocol Labs’ InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) peer-to-peer network scheme. The ambitions of the project include the storage of “humanity’s most important information” in a manner that is highly resistant to censorship. It currently has over a million storage offerings with over 30 million gigabytes of space.

In addition to its more traditional plans related to ASIC mining, Bitdeer has launched the Filecoin Full Effective Plan to allow miners to participate in the IPFS hard drive mining network. By taking advantage of Bitdeer, users gain access to world-class miner sharing. High performance servers mean high reliability for storage and cluster systems which ensure stable and reliable data output – all very important considerations when mining Filecoin.

Filecoin’s Complete Effective Plan

Mining Filecoin involves lending storage capacity and operating in the often labyrinthine system of the project ecosystem: there are several types of miners (storage, retrieval and repair), then there is a whole market of costs and of “deal” to navigate. This is different from the more familiar proof of work mining and can be quite complex.

Bitdeer’s comprehensive effective Filecoin plan breaks through all barriers to entry, allowing those interested in the potential of the Filecoin project to participate without having to acquire special equipment and set up configurations. Bitdeer does all the heavy lifting in this regard.

Bitdeer’s Filecoin Full Effective Plan supports the large-scale pledge industry, in order to mine new blocks. This is essentially considered a no-fill period, thus simplifying things by eliminating the sealing process. Miners do not need a FIL pre-staker, the parts belong to the users and the platform assumes the gas payments (no gas charges for the users).

With an estimated start date of October 31, 2021, Bitdeer offers four versions of the full Filecoin effective plan: 2T, 4T, 6T, and 8T, each spread over a period of 540 days.

Additionally, Filecoin’s effective comprehensive plan is put together by an International Data Corporation (IDC) and Singapore-based servers, fully security compliant with experienced and professional behind-the-scenes management, offering 24-hour customer service and maintenance. 24 hours a day. Bitdeer is committed to ensuring that users’ income is open and transparent at all times, which makes the system stable and reliable.

Bitdeer was formed in 2018, as part of the Bitdeer group founded by crypto veteran Jihan Wu, co-founder of Bitmain and Matrixport. Bitdeer provides complete digital asset extraction solutions, handling complex processes involved in mining such as procurement, transportation logistics, energy management and day-to-day operations. Bitdeer serves users in over 200 countries and regions, and has large-scale compliant mining farms deployed in Europe and North America (over 100,000 units under management).

Bitdeer lets anyone start mining with one click

As the world’s first platform to provide real hash capacity, starting at 1 Terrahash, Bitdeer has forged strategic partnerships with major miner manufacturers as well as with renowned mining pools such as, ViaBTC , Foundry USA, AntPool, F2Pool and

To build trust and provide convenience to Bitdeer users, the platform has put a lot of effort into providing shared traceability of minors. It offers simple traceability for its hashrate, direct payments from the mining pool, and customizable service plans, all in one convenient package. Bitdeer makes it easy for anyone to start mining digital assets and provides a variety of mining methods and mineable tokens.

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