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As debates over Finland’s security policy escalate, disinformation campaigns are also evident.

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Is Russia moving military equipment to the Finnish border? Headlines over the past week suggested it might be happening, but the reality is quite different. A video filmed in Russia and posted on social media was the source, but it didn’t show much at all.

Charly Salonius-Pasternakresearcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, told the APN podcast that most of the troops usually stationed near Finland were fighting in Ukraine.

“And based on various reports, you could say they’ve been decimated, or at least badly degraded,” Salonius-Pasternak said.

“Some are even completely destroyed. So, from a Finnish defense point of view, that’s of course not a bad thing. And that’s one of the reasons why virtually all Finnish military analysts, or people who are researching these things, say that Russia almost doesn’t have the capacity to carry out an operation against Finland like we see in Ukraine.”

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The APN Podcast examines misinformation, the nurses’ pay dispute and getting a job in Finland.

We also spoke to Jochen Faugel of the joint program of the city of Helsinki on the problems faced by people who have come to Finland with their partner, but who do not have a job when they arrive.

This is a crucial question, according to Faugel.

“Numerous studies have shown that international employees choose to return to their home country if the spouses have difficulty integrating,” Faugel said.

Although many employers seek to attract talent from abroad, they could be overlooking a pool of highly skilled labor right here in Finland.

“One of the reasons many look abroad is to find qualified people, but wait a second and realize that there are also a lot of qualified people already here in Finland that you can hire,” he said. -he explains.

The podcast also includes a recap of the week’s top stories, your questions as they’ve been sent in over the past two weeks, and an attempt to find out if Finnish nurses are really going to quit en masse to try and get a raise. salary.

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This week’s show was hosted by Zena Iovino and Egan Richardsonand the sound engineer was Anders Johansson.

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