All Care Package Weapons in Apex Legends

A powerful care package supply drop weapon can make all the difference in a series of Apex Legends.

At the start of each Summit season, the development team mixes up the weapons contained in the care packages. It’s important to know which weapons are only for care packages so you’re not looking for something that isn’t currently in the floor loot pool.

Care Packages have three different spawn times in a game of Summit. Care Packages spawn in round one two minutes and 30 seconds before the ring closes, round two when the ring closes, and round three when the ring closes.

Each care package contains three items and the items are randomly dropped, so you can get a weapon or support items like evo shields, healing items, backpacks, and weapon attachments.

Here are the weapons that are currently only available from Care Packages in Summit.

Summit Season 14 Care Package Weapons

Image via Respawn Entertainment
  • Bocek Compound Bow
  • .50 Caliber Kraber Sniper
  • Rampage LMG
  • Mastiff shotgun

Summit season 14 weapon replicators

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

For the past few seasons, the development team has placed two weapons in replicators during each ranked split. In order to obtain these weapons, players must craft them on Replicators using materials as they would any other craftable loot or armor. Having certain weapons only be crafted in Replicators reduces the game’s sometimes overwhelming loot pool and provides unique incentives to land nearby or seek out a Replicator.

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