Affordable and advantageous loans: what are they?

Affordable personal loans: look for the most suitable with the online comparison.

Affordable personal loans: look for the most suitable with the online comparison.

How to have 30 thousand USD to be returned in 4 years. To start a business you can ask for a cheap loan. The problem, however, is often to find the interest rates and the amortization plans cheaper, for this purpose the advice is to compare the loan offers using the online comparators.

These comparison portals allow the user to compare the various proposals of the various banks to have a broad spectrum picture and to be able to choose, by selecting from a wide range, the product he deems most suitable for his needs.

With the help of an online comparator, we looked for a personal loan that would meet the needs of a young man, residing in Rome, who needs 30 thousand USD to start an entrepreneurial project. The client chose a loan with an amortization plan spread over 4 years and decided not to apply a credit protection insurance.

It is not said, however, that the lowest installment corresponds to the cheapest loan. This depends, in fact, on the contractual conditions and on the Taeg (or the annual percentage rate of charge) on those elements, in practice, which really constitute the cost of the loan. Visit our portal for more information.

How to recognize cheap loans?

How to recognize cheap loans?

Nowadays, the offers of credit offered by banks and financial institutions are increasing, but how can you find personal loans that are really convenient and suitable for your needs?

To find affordable loans, you must first check the TAN, the nominal annual rate, applied to the various loans. The TAN is the interest rate used by banks to fix the amount of installments that will have to be paid monthly in order to repay the loan obtained. The lower the TAN, the cheaper the amortization plan installments are.

In addition to the TAN, in order to obtain a convenient loan, it is important to also compare the ancillary costs associated with the loans that have been taken into consideration. The ancillary costs are not strictly related to the repayment of the loaned capital or to the payment of interest, but rather represent the costs related to the services necessary for managing the loan.

The main ancillary costs concern stamp duty, the cost of any insurance, the costs of individual periodic communications, the preliminary costs, the collection and installment management costs and those related to the closure of the file. Ancillary costs are not included in the TAN, but are indicated with the APR, the rate that summarizes the overall cost of the loan as a percentage value.

Finally, to get a complete picture of the costs associated with a loan, it is advisable to check the cost of any insurance coverage provided for in the loan agreement. Insurance coverage is a cost that affects the value of the installment, but it serves to protect the beneficiary of the loan from the risk of insolvency, allowing him to support the economic commitment made even in the event of negative events, such as permanent accidents, serious illnesses, death or sudden unemployment.

Small Loans: Which Are Really Affordable? Credit Guide.

Small Loans: Which Are Really Affordable? Credit Guide.

There are many goods and services, from a used car to a gym subscription, that Italians now prefer to pay in installments, thanks to the activation of small consumer loans thus avoiding to dry up their current account cyclically.

Currently, loans with an amount of less than $ 5,000 represent approximately 33% of the total, more than 3% more than loans with an amount between $ 5 and $ 10,000. According to the data of the Best bank Observatory, more than 13% of the loans disbursed in Italy for furnishings, while only 6% would serve to pay extraordinary expenses.

There are more and more offers aimed at those who intend to take out a debt consolidation loan, with which they can pay off all the debts contracted. An example are revolving credit cards, products that allow the gradual payment of the amount lent on which, however, an interest rate of 15% per year is normally applied.

Various installment payment proposals also arrive in large retail chains, tour operators and cruise lines, taking advantage of the inviting zero-rate formula. In this case, small loans are not subject to interest on the amount financed, but accessory costs are often applied which can increase, even significantly, the debt contracted.

In any case, before accepting the commercial proposals of department stores or credit instruments, such as revolving cards, it is always advisable to examine the more traditional financial products, such as unsecured loans that are also provided by credit companies for amounts modest, generally starting from 2 thousand USD.

Finally, remember that to find affordable financial products you can also help yourself with web comparison portals such as and Best, which allow you to compare loan offers from the main credit companies.

Online financing: how to choose the most convenient?

Online financing: how to choose the most convenient?

The personal loan is an opportunity reserved for those who intend to obtain a form of financing that concerns the category of non-finalized loans. The customer can take advantage of a loan required for the most different spending purposes.

Personal loans can cover different purposes, from the purchase of cars to motorbikes, through debt consolidation, home renovation and the purchase of furniture or appliances, through travel, medical expenses and the purchase of box.

We can make a personal loan request also exclusively to obtain liquidity. Although it is a non-finalized loan, in certain cases the institution that provides the loan can ask the customer for a declaration of how they want to spend the amount.

The conditions applied by banks and financial companies vary according to the purpose of the personal loan. If therefore you intend to proceed with the loan request, we advise you to indicate the correct purpose of the loan, in this way you will have the most convenient rates.

Finally, we remind you that the opportunity to pay off the loan early is open. The amounts can also be quite high, even if taking advantage of very fast times. The amortization plan can extend up to ten years, which allows a reduction in the installment of the amount.

For online financing estimates you can take advantage of the numerous portals for direct comparison of online spending estimates. Finding the most convenient solution today, thanks to the Net, is easier.

Non-finalized personal loans more convenient for civil servants

Non-finalized personal loans more convenient for civil servants

Receiving the fixed monthly salary is the dream of every worker who thanks to the guarantee of a salary every month could afford to take off some whim or maybe avoid succumbing to a fairly large unexpected expense, as for all employees both public and private it is possible to apply for non-finalized personal loans.

Non-finalized personal loans allow employees to receive the requested amount without having to specify how the entire amount will be invested, to obtain a loan it will be necessary to provide the documentation of the paycheck, the only credential and guarantee for the lenders.

The amount of the loan requested varies both according to the salary received by the worker and from his age, the non-finalized personal loans can be requested both by those in possession of a permanent contract but for those who have a fixed-term contract or of apprenticeship, in this case, however, the amount received is limited and calculated based on the working period indicated in the employment contract.

While the employee with a permanent contract hired for at least three months, will be able to return the full amount up to a maximum of 120 months, for the fixed-term employee the duration of the credit corresponds to the expiry of the employment contract.

Certainly, however, there are additional concessions for civil servants, as while for private employees who need to request personal loans not finalized through the assignment of the fifth by the employer, they could receive a loan refusal, civil servants can calmly request the social security loan, ex government agency.