5 important points in laser eye treatment

5 important points in laser eye treatment

One of the most common problems of the Covid-19 pandemic, the epidemic disease of the century, which has lasted for more than two years and caused drastic changes in our daily living habits, has been the wearing of glasses on the mask. Because the mask causes evaporation in the glasses and reduces quality of life, many people turn to laser therapy to get rid of the glasses. Dr. Emre Sübay, an ophthalmology specialist from Acıbadem Fulya Hospital, says that visual defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are corrected using the computer-programmed excimer laser beam, pointing out that significant progress has been made. been made in laser processing thanks to the developments in today’s technology. . Ophthalmology specialist, Dr. Emre Sübay, drew attention to 5 points that must be known in laser treatment that corrects vision defects, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Caution before laser treatment!

Prior to laser treatment, contact lens use should be discontinued for two weeks. Makeup should not be applied on the day of surgery, as makeup residue may affect the procedure. Even perfume or lotion should not be used on the day of surgery, as laser currents can be affected by odors. You do not need to be hungry before the procedure.

Avoid these mistakes after laser treatment!

Drops administered after laser surgery should be used. The next day, a control examination is carried out and the patients can resume their daily life. There are no screens or travel restrictions. However, certain rules must be observed. The eyes should not be rubbed and itchy, care should be taken not to get soap and shampoo in the eyes the next day. After the laser treatment, swimming in the pool and the sea should not be practiced for two weeks, and eye makeup should not be applied.

Is laser treatment applicable to everyone?

In order to understand whether the eye is suitable for laser treatment, a detailed eye examination is performed by dilating the pupils with drops. The corneal topography is taken and it is decided whether the structure of the eye is suitable for the laser. It can be applied to patients over the age of 18 whose number of eyes does not increase during consecutive examinations. The laser is not recommended during pregnancy and the first six months after delivery. It is not applied in patients with rheumatic diseases, diabetes, pregnant women, keratoconus, glaucoma, uveitis and severe dry eye.

Is a definitive treatment possible with the laser?

Ophthalmology specialist Dr. Emre Sübay says it is possible to treat astigmatism up to 6 degrees, myopia up to 10 degrees and hyperopia up to 5 degrees, and explains if there is will have a recurrence after laser treatment: It is possible to laser again when there are numbers that do not require use and there are more. Laser surgery does not prevent future cataract surgery.

Will there be pain during and after the laser treatment?

Eye drops with local anesthetic properties are poured before the procedure to numb the eye and therefore no pain is felt during the procedure. There may be a tingling and burning sensation for about 5-6 hours after the procedure. The procedure takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes. However, taking into account the preoperative preparations and the intervention, an average of 2 hours can be spent in the hospital.

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